RRR1: Sendong

The first Ride and Rock Relief happened in December 29, 2011 in an effort to help the victims of Sendong in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro. An initiative of singer/songwriter, Nityalila Saulo, together with Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, Yadu 83, and Bikekada – Manila Urban Cycling Community. Ride and Rock Relief brought together musicians, cyclists, tattoo artists, and volunteers to join forces in the efforts to raise funds and gather relief goods for Sendong victims.

Volunteer musicians from different genres gathered and performed for free. Tattoo art sessions were also held where tattoo groups and artists raised funds through Tat-tulungan. Tattoo artists who signed up were required to give a registration fee of 500 pesos or relief goods that were added to the funds and donations for Sendong victims.

A ride out also took place where cyclists from different groups rode out to gather and segregate donations. All donations, in cash and in kind, were shipped to Iligan and CDO through the help of TS Aboitiz/Negros Navigation, and Mr. Zaldy Austria and was distributed to various Partner NGOs who directly worked on ground on the relief operations in various communities: Sagip Iligan, Civil Society Organization Forum for Peace Inc. CSO – FP, PAKIGDAIT, Lanao Alliance of Human Rights Advocates, Kapamagogopa Inc., BIRTHDEV, Ranaw Disaster Response & Rehabilitation Assistance Center Inc., HIGA-ONON HA MIGSABUWA TA LANO INC., Pailig Development Foundation, and Balay Mindanao Foundation.

Other partners in the first Ride and Rock Relief included POWPinay, B-side, The Firefly Brigade, MTB.PH, Folding Bike Pilipinas, Tat-Tulungan, and Agimat.net.


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