Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism would like to thank the following individuals, organizations, and groups for their participation in Ride & Rock Relief. In times of great calamity, we, Filipinos, never run out of spirit to help our kapwa. It is in this spirit of bayanihan that we once again gather to help relieve victims of the recent rain and floods. But while it is true that the Filipino spirit can be waterproof, that we are strong as a people, let us not forget that only a sustainable adaptation and mitigation plan can decrease the effects of Climate Change in our country.

  1. Manila Fixed Gear
  2. WeFXD
  3. Pusakalye
  4. Yadu 83
  5. Calle
  6. POWPinay
  7. Foxbat Group
  8. Tryon Marketing
  9. MTB Brothers
  10. Surf United Philippines
  11. Zaldy Austria
  12. Tat-tulungan
  13. MTB.PH
  15. Camera Walls
  16. Hijo
  17. Gawad Kalinga
  18. Agos
  19. Suspended Animation Media
  20. Cherrylime Productions
  21. MRS Studio
  22. Yabang Pinoy
  23. Rock Republic
  24. The Collective
    • The Collective Management
    • B-side
    • Kaffir
    • Mochiko
    • Craft MNL
    • Ritual
    • Wingman
    • Canto

Thank you very much.


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